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Meet the small groups.

Small groups help people grow in their faith and build community. Our groups take place at different locations and have different lessons going on. Use this page to find a group that's right for you and then fill out the form below to get connected. We'd love to have you join us!

Men's Group

Leader: Victor Ishizaki
Wednesday at 5:30 at Your Pie, Grovetown
Do you have questions about the Bible, how accurate it is, is ALL true, can you defend your faith, can you defend the Bible? Let's do this together. In the Bible Study we will be diving deep into the following books: "Is Genesis History?", "The Case for Christ", "Cold-Case Christianity", and "Evidence the Demands a Verdict".

Women of the Word

Leader: Tina Silvey
Every Tuesday 7-8:30
620 Stevens Crossing, GA 30907
We all know it's important to study God's word, but diving into it can often be a daunting task. Where do we start and what do we do when we don't understand a passage at first? Jen offers a clear and concise plan to help us go deeper. This book will teach us techniques for studying God's word, which we will apply to scripture each step of the way. At the end of this session, you will be equipped to dive into God's word on your own for some meaningful study!

Find Your People

Co-Leaders: Courtney Hammonds and Mary Kate Moore
Every Thursday @ 4:00 pm
At Genesis Church Office
5060B Wrightsboro Rd, Grovetown GA
In a world that's both more connected and isolated than ever before, we're often tempted to do life alone, whether because we're so busy or because relationships feel risky and hard. You were created to play, engage, adventure, and explore-with others. In Find Your People, you'll discover exactly how to dive into the deep end and experience the full wonder of community. Because while the a Che of loneliness is real, it doesn't have to be your reality.

Walk and Talk

Leader: Erin Olson
Every Saturday at 3:00pm
Bartram Trail, enter off William Few turn left and we'll meet in the parking area near the ball fields
Study: "The problem with lie is they often don't sound like lies. They seem harmless and even sounds right. So what's a Mama Bear to do when her kids seem to be absorbing the culture's lies uncritically?" This study is designed to help equip mothers with the tools to help their children from their own biblical beliefs. The only way we can help train our children is by training ourselves first and this book is designed to do that by teaching us prayer strategies and practical applications to situations we are facing in our everyday lives.. This non-traditional study in that we will meet each week and walk together while discussing that week's reading and how it applies to our lives.

Missing Pieces

Leader: Melissa Scruggs
Every Tuesday  at 9am
Where: 2405 Dickley Rd, Augusta GA 30906
Study: "Is your life not turning out how you expected? Have you ever asked these questions? Does God Care? Is He fair? Is He even there? Your questions can be the missing pieces that help you really know God. God's ways don't always make sense, but He is trustworthy." In this study we will learn to experience unexpected peace in spite of unexpected heartache, move forward when you feel stuck in your circumstances, strengthen your faith when you feel beaten down by life, and trust God more than your feelings. And sister, through this study, you will strengthen your faith and deepen your walk with God, no matter what questions your'e facing. Join us for coffee and snacks on Tuesday mornings as we dive into Missing Pieces.
Thrive Not Survive
Leader: TJ & Courtney Custer
Tuesday nights at 6:30
Where: Harlem Java House
This bible study is meant to help couples thrive in their marriage instead of just surviving each day. Have you ever wanted to know God's view and plan for your marriage? We look directly into scripture to discover and discuss God's plan for a successful, meaningful, and fulfilling marriage. We will look at God's role in our marriages, as well as the roles of husbands and wives. As a couple, if you grow closer to God, you will inevitably grow closer to each other. We hope you plan to join us for a wonderful time of fellowship and spiritual growth. 

Mens and Couples Group

Leader: Ted Dinsmore
Every other Friday at 6:30pm
More info to come
College Group
Leader: Chris and Jenny Bender

Every other Monday 6:30-8pm
Where: 123 Grindle Shoals Grovetown, GA 30813

Study: "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen." So what is faith? And why does God place so much value on this one virtue that our eternity depends on it? Join us using the free app Through The Word as Pastor Kris Langham explores the nature of faith and recounts the stories of faith's greatest heroes- from Bible times to present day.

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