What to Expect on SUNDAY

When you arrive, look for the banner that says first time check in. If you can't find it, any volunteer wearing a name tag would be happy to help. You'll be welcomed by a volunteer who is eager to meet you and your family and give your child a gift! At check in, we will need:
Parent/guardians name
A contact phone number
An email address
Your child's (or children's) name(s)
Their birthday(s)
Any additional information that we may need to know

After you have done that, a volunteer will walk with you to your child's (children's) classroom and introduce you to the classroom leader! we can't wait to meet you!
1st-5th grade.
Your children will be taught Biblical truths and practical lessons through a learning focus for their grade level and a collection of series topics throughout the year.
The learning focus for their grade level will be taught by their Small Group leader, and their group will work together on learning objectives like memorizing Scripture and understanding Biblical principles. The series topic will be presented through a video Bible lesson followed by age-specific guided discussion with their Small Group.
Ages 4-5 years
In preschool, children start to engage more with their church experience, so we help them interact and build their faith through stories, crafts, and songs that give them Biblical truths. They also start to form relationships with other kids and their teachers.
Ages 6 weeks- 3 years
Your baby will experience personal care from our well-staffed team. We keep our nursery rooms ready for your little ones with age-appropriate toys that are thoroughly cleaned between services.
We know babies have specific needs and schedules, so when you bring your baby to the classroom, we have an easy-to-use form that you can fill out to let our team know the feeding, sleeping, and changing needs your baby has. We also take time to love and pray for your baby each week.

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